Building Trust: Do as your Mother Would Do

People like to do business with people they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST, but trust is earned and not easily given.

Trust is built through great communication

  1. Fast response rate
  2. Messages that are thorough but concise and to the point
  3. Relevant – the info they want, when they want it and through the channel they prefer (call, email, text)

When building trust, I prefer to use the “mother metaphor": Who was the first person you ever trusted – Most will answer “my mother”. 

Why? Because she came when I cried (communicated). 

When did she come? Immediately.

What did she do? She patted you and then solved your problem

Then when she left, she patted you again to let you know she loved you. 

And she came back often to hopefully get to you before your cried (in pain).

You TRUSTED her because she was the first person you communicated with (even in the womb) and she responded immediately and solved YOUR problem, not anybody else’s.

By working with my proven methods, even if you feel like all you can do is crawl forwards, together we'll make you to stand tall, walk proud, and sprint towards success.

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