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Why not just rely on family and friends?

Family and friends play a vital role in helping us grow as individuals, but sometimes they can make poor advisers. 

Coaches are trained to help their clients succeed. They have past experience training and witnessing their clients reach their potential as a product of their training.

Sometimes friends tell us what we want to hear instead of what we need to hear. A coach is trained in advising you in an honest and productive way. 

Good Coaches are trained to be compassionate, nonjudgmental, and slow to jump to conclusions while, many times, our friends and family can do all of these things. 

How can I determine if coaching is right for me?

Do you feel stuck and ready to make your next step in your personal life or business career? Working with a personal coach can make a huge difference in your quality of life.

What has caused the tremendous growth in coaching?

As the world fills with data and complexity, there is a growing awareness that we need all the help that we can get. One on one experience with someone who has been there and done that and who has the wisdom gained from many wins and losses is invaluable. 

Many were raised with the impression that those who ask for help are weak or lazy. However, this is quite the opposite. Historically, most great performers had a mentor or coach to help them grow personally and professionally. In fact, it takes COURAGE to ask for help, and that is the mark of a winner. 

How is coaching delivered? What does the process look like?

A personal coach involves a relationship that relies on honesty, trust, and confidentiality. As such, it is carried out in a one on one meeting environment at an agreed upon location. 

While some personal coaching is done by phone, I feel this lacks the closeness required to for a truly meaningful relationship. 

Meetings are usually set on a fixed schedule, every two weeks at the beginning, and then monthly. This varies depending on the need of the client. In between meetings, I am available by phone or email for more time sensitive issues. Meetings usually last for 1 to 1.5 hours. The agenda is agreed upon. 

What is expected from me in a coaching relationship?

With your success in mind, you must be committed to invest money in the process, focus, and maintain agreed schedule and punctuality, be honest with yourself, me, and others, and lastly, open to sharing your business and financial conditions (also known as life's scorecard).

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