Difficulty in Focusing

Are you finding it as difficult to focus as the world continues to get more complex?

In our digital world, we are bombarded with a variety of content that's constantly demanding our attention, and this makes it very difficult to pay attention to relevant and important tasks. Wouldn't we perform better and have a higher quality of life if we had increased focus each day?

What is Focus?

So just what is "focus?" It is partially defined as:

  • a point of concentration 
  • a center of activity, attraction, or attention 
  • a state or condition permitting clear perception or understanding

Don't we want to concentrate on what is important or urgent? Of course, we do, but what causes a lack of focus? What we really need to ask is how we can improve it. On the web, you can find a lot of info about what causes distractions in daily life and tips on how to improve your focus. 

I believe that the most prevalent issue people deal with on a day-to-day basis is information overload. Not only does this condition hurt our focus, but it makes us feel out-of-sorts because our world seems chaotic rather than orderly. I have explained that I believe humans crave order.

But why do people inherently need it?

I believe that the universe and all of nature have an order to it, and therefore order is a fundamental principle of our being. Imagine how you'd feel when entering a messy room after a big party versus how you'd feel when first walking into a 5-star hotel room. That big difference in reception is due to the inherent order you derive from the tidy hotel room.

Using Tools to Focus

So, what tools can we use to help us find order and focus?

1. Goals/Targets – something to aim at and focus on. 

2. "To Do" Lists – if your tasks are written in something like excel, they can be prioritized and then sorted with the most important or urgent always at the top after sorting them.

Now you can focus on the most pressing matters and leave the others for another time or day.

Getting good at this deceptively simple process is like anything else: you need to make a plan and commit to it. 

  • you must want it in your heart 
  • you must have the right tools to accomplish your goals 
  • you must practice it daily to obtain focus and order  

A personal life coach and confidant can help you with all of this. With my experience combined with your determination, you'll be amazed at your rapid progress and stellar results. I seek to improve my own life by helping others improve theirs; it would be an honor to aid you in achieving your goals.

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