Clarity and Quality of Life

The primary goal in my coaching is to improve my own quality of life by improving yours. One way I accomplish this is to help my clients obtain clarity.

I help each client peel back any denial and/or delusion so that they can face REALITY in a clear way and with a clear mindset. Most of us are masters at self-deception, seeing ourselves and the world around us as we wish things were rather than as they really are. Doing this takes courage and persistence, and a coach can help define your goals, help establish your roadmap to success, and hold you accountable for your choices. 

Remember, a mentor only offers a more passive approach and answers their client’s questions. A coach, however, asks questions, helps set goals/plans, and then strives to hold their client accountable to them. To achieve a meaningful Life Success Plan, it is imperative that the client has the courage to be totally honest with themselves so that they can achieve clarity.


What is Clarity?

Clarity is defined as the following: the quality of being easily seen; understood.

One of our coaching goals is to seek the clarity that comes from open, honest, and confidential discussions, thus eliminating all denial and delusion in order to clearly see the issue and the underlying driving forces. I want you to face reality and have the courage to deal with such reality.

Reaching out to a mentor or sponsor to discuss a possible change can also help provide some insight and clarity on your life’s decisions.”

We will strive for clarity in each area of your Life’s Success Plan:

  • Your vision-The ideal state
  • Your mission-The “why”
  • Your SWOT analysis 
  • Your current issues
  • Your goals
  • Your limiting beliefs/mindsets 

Pursue your Goals

Once we develop your Life’s Success Plan in writing, you will have clarity in exactly where you want to go in each area of your life and the steps/goals that you are pursuing to get there. This process of your Life’s Success Plan is another step in creating order in your life. I believe that having such an order is critical to having a good quality of life. Why do I feel this way? The universe and nature have an order, and thus I believe humans crave such order and certainty in their own lives. 

When I think of order and its influence on the quality of our lives, I think of one of my favorite quotes:

Order in our lives helps us relax, think, and plan creatively. We tend to be more serene and hopeful when there is order rather than chaos.

It's important to be able to understand order and chaos. Here is a metaphor that will help you picture order vs. chaos:

Think of how you’d feel in a messy room compared to the feeling of walking into a 5-star hotel room. Why is there such a difference? Because everything in the hotel room is clean and in its place, aka “ORDERLY.” 

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